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About Me


Adonne Washington, Esq. specializes in trademark, copyright, and general business law. A.R. Washington, PLLC was established with the mission of helping those who are creative or just starting their business, gain access to the right tools and knowledge to succeed. She has dedicated her time to ensuring those who are small business owners and building their brand have the access to intellectual property resources and get the right answers. Having spent two of her law school years working in the trademark clinic and helping pro bono clients, Adonne has the dedication and skills to assess client needs and handle their intellectual property matters. She believes in making the law accessible to all, regardless of the services she provides, Adonne strives to get answers to the questions and set creatives and business owners on the right path during their journey. 

Adonne is a graduate of Howard University School of Law in May 2020 and is a member of the Michigan Bar.

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